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taa tas noteik. pat tad, ja citi jums censhas iestaastiit, ka tas ir humaani... (vaards bik zaudee j Drukāt E-pasts
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I refuse to ignore their suffering for another moment!"
I am a 29-year-old mother of a 4-month-old, beautiful baby girl. … Breastfeeding her is an amazing bonding experience, aside from being the most healthful nourishment for her growing body. My scary dairy thought is this: How devastated I would be if, after my baby was born, she was ripped away from me, and I was chained up to a wall and hooked up to a breast pump [so that] the milk extracted from my breasts (which is meant for my baby and no one else) could be fed to some other species of animal. Periodically, I would be injected with hormones and antibiotics, and while all this happened, I would have to stand in my own urine and excrement. I would suffer enormously. This is what happens to dairy cows every day, and when I eat dairy [products], I am ignoring their suffering. I refuse to ignore their suffering for another moment! I'm dumping dairy!
-Kimmie S., Sao Paulo, Brazil

"They were kicked, punched, [and] screamed at."
My scary story started the day [that] I was hired to be a milker at a dairy. I had no idea what these poor animals endured until that day. The cows were pushed, at all costs, to produce [more] milk daily. They were kicked, punched, [and] screamed at when they did not move fast enough or when they tried to skip over a foot bath [that] they were [supposed] to walk through because their feet and legs were red, raw, bloody, and swollen from walking and standing in urine and excrement too long. … [C]ows and their young scream[ed] for each other [after being] separated. … The males were sold for veal, and the females [were] sold to other farms. These animals lead a sad, degrading life right up to the day [when] they are too sick, too old, or both to give milk, then [they5're sent] off on the meat truck and [end up on] someone's dinner table. … This farm is now closed down, but I am sure [that] there are others just like it.
-Lisa C., Westhampton, New Jersey

"Mother cows are very loving to their babies when they are allowed to be."
Dairy calves, particularly the bull calves, are pulled from their mothers at birth and not allowed to nurse. The colostrum is collected and later fed to the calf, creating an opportunity for bacteria to enter the calf's system. Some dairies do not even bother to wash the buckets [that] they feed the calves from. These tiny newborns become sick with E. Coli and salmonella very easily, which also can mean illness for any human who tries to save them! Most farms do not even use bottles with nipples to feed them from, they have them drinking from buckets that [cause them to] put their heads down and leave their lungs open to fluid intake. A calf is designed to nurse from [his or her] mother, and the airway closes as the calf reaches under [his or her] mother. This doesn't happen in a bucket! I recently visited a dairy farm and purchased a jersey bull calf for $25 in an attempt to save him, but he was too far gone. He died on our farm, even with medications and the best care [that] we could provide. At the dairy, he was standing in a wire, round pen with no shelter, in the sun, in a pool of [feces] from scours. His feed bucket was dirty and smelled of spoiled milk. Scours is caused [when] calves [are] taken from [their] mother[s] and fed large amounts of milk and [when] bacteria or viruses [are] introduced into their system [because they are] not … allowed to nurse [from] their mothers and/or … [not given] colostrum immediately following birth. Calves, with their mothers, get their milk in sterile form from the teat, in small amounts. These dairy calves suffer before they die [from] massive bouts of diarrhea, dehydration, shock, and possibly drown in fluid from pneumonia. They rarely ever get any vet care or even medication because they cannot be sold at a livestock auction[s] for 30 days if an antibiotic is administered. Bull calves are considered useless, and a vet will not be called out for their care. Mother cows are very loving to their babies when they are allowed to be. They lick them, talk to them, hide them from predators, and share their feed. Instead, these bull calves die alone, never knowing what love is. ..
-Anonymous, New Waterford, Ohaio

"Joey was a beautiful creature, and they made me kill him."
I am from a small [farming] community near Davenport, Iowa. My 4-H leader was a local butcher and kept a small slaughterhouse as part of his farm. One of our 4-H "activities," [which] started anew every two years, was to raise-by hand, from a bottle-a young calf to maturity and then to butcher [him or her] in his "facility." I had no idea what I was in for when I joined this sadistic, sick ritual. After seeing the first animal cruelly bludgeoned into a stupor and then hacked into pieces, I vomited and cried. I asked to be excused, but they would not let me. And then I was forced to do the same to my beloved Joey, the calf I had raised almost from birth, had grown to love, and truly felt a connection with. Joey was a beautiful creature, and they made me kill him. My parents believed [that] this would teach me to be a strong, able, pioneer-type individual. They actually expected me to eat the meat! But after being forced to participate in this monstrous action, there is no way I will ever touch meat again-or even milk. I left the community as soon as I was old enough and will have nothing further to do with any of the participants [of] this horrible practice. Thank you for allowing me to share this demonstration of the sort of things that go on in the rural communities of America. … I believe that if my story and others like it [are] brought [in]to the public eye, we will see a change of attitude toward our bovine brethren. I believe [that] PETA is on the right track.
-B. O'Leary, Social Circle, Georgia

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